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Chapter 1 : We Meet ... We Marry

Chapter 1

We Meet … We Marry

Dick Wessling made a huge impact on many people throughout his life, each experiencing him through their own lens (pardon the pun!).

Photo of Dick from 1992

No one, however, has experienced Dick through the eyes of his wife - and that just happens to be ME. So hang on to your seat as we soar off to some uncharted adventures of Dick with Noreen at the helm.

Fairly recent photo of Noreen

Dick and I met as students at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Although Dick was two years ahead of me, we became friends. I admired how he did one arm pull-ups on classroom door frames; and what a fine artist he was, drawing in the manner of Leonardo Da Vinci; and how he first skied down the hill beside the Academy on a pair of wooden skis.

The old Art Academy of Cincinnati

Then close to graduation, he shocked everyone by revealing his plan to enter the Priesthood and study at John Carol University. Dick went so far as to spend at least a year in his studies and then…

My best friend, Janet, from Art School days, and I, decided to give Dick a surprise visit at the Seminary.

‘No Women Allowed,’ but we didn’t care. We were so cute in our pretty white dresses no one could resist our barging in!

Dick left the Seminary shortly after and married me instead – and I wasn’t even Catholic! Years later Dick revealed he also quit the Seminary because they wouldn’t let him smoke! I have never been quite sure which had the greatest impact!

Wedding photo

Wedding Day, December 23, 1957

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