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Chapter 10 : Dick the Builder Part 1. The Building of the Deck - a Story in Pictures

Chapter 10

Dick the Builder Part 1 - a Story in Pictures


Before there was The Deck, the world was of concrete and limited to the breadth of two persons who stand shoulder to shoulder and gaze toward the sunset.

Phase 1 begins

And Dick who would build The Deck begins marking the limits of the world therein.

Deck emerges

Noreen gazes upon the expanse of what will soon become The Deck.


Dick prepares the detail that will smooth the rise toward what will be the entry to The Deck.

And the steps rise

And the steps begin to rise toward the entry to The Deck.

Phase 1 complete

And now one may rest upon The Deck for a time… until that which is to follow begins to evolve.

Work done

And his work done, the laborer admires his work.

Young Sophia

Young Sophia regards the new Deck and confirms that it is good.

View from above

The Deck as viewed from above.

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