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Noreen's 7 Art Studio

Chapter 12 Dick Builds 7 Arts Studio

Chapter 12

Dick Builds 7 Arts Studio

“The Happening Place”

Dick had enjoyed the benefits of his Workshop for many years. Now he was willing to build me an Art Studio separate from the house if I’d like that.

Noreen’s Hammock

“Would I ever,” came my delighted response. This would also include my own 7 Arts Studio deck.

The original idea was to have 7 Arts as my personal studio where I’d create my own art. Not a people place! This did not last long. Soon it morphed into a Community Place, as if by it’s own powerful impetus.

2001 Tai Chi

2001 Tai Chi gathering

Here’s the story. Something close to magical happened to me in 1992, when I returned home with Jim from a transforming month’s retreat in Rio Caliente Health Spa in Mexico. What a splendid unforgettable time!

I couldn’t help it, I am now a full-fledged “People Person!”

Arts Group

A guest workshop in 7 Arts Studio.

I envisioned the future studio as “The Happening Place” which included the following events…

  • Drums for Fun
  • Tai Chi
  • Dream Groups
  • Touch Drawing Workshops
  • Noreen’s Boutique
  • Guest Workshops

Between us, Dick and I carefully planned how to make the best use of the space chosen to build the studio. Let’s not forget Dick was building this whole Studio virtually by himself, with only occasional help from his grandson Alex, his son-in-law Scotty… and me, to hold a board now and then!


Dick started in 1995, taking most of the summer and fall to complete this amazing project. Included here is a list of what I wanted…

  • Large work table by large long window overlooking the woods
  • Large bench area to sit our many drums and other instruments upon
  • Corner cupboard that holds 16 comfortable folding chairs – amazingly well concealed
  • A long narrow area next to the front door where I designed and constructed an “undersea” stained glass window that beautifies the entrance
  • Specially designed spaces and shelves to hold all my stained glass sheets
  • Many drawers under my work table which included stained glass tools, solder, torches, etc.
  • Air conditioning and floor heaters
  • Floor to ceiling book shelves in far corner to hold other art supplies and books
  • A futon to relax upon or have for a sleepover
  • Nice old fashioned CD Jukebox with lots of music to play
  • Another long narrow cupboard to house many more supplies and miscellaneous tit-bits, including carefully chosen shells from Portugal from which I eventually created a lovely outdoor mandala for my garden

I called my place “7 Arts Studio.” The sign above the door is made of raised wooden letters which are classy and distinctive. Why did I call it 7 Arts Studio? Good question! I had always like the number 7 – my favorite number.

Noreen drums, 2002 pic by Alex

Noreen Drums, 2002 picture by Alex

Someone asked me once, “Can you tell me the 7 arts that you practice?”

Well, shucks, with a question like that, I better come up with some good answers…

  • The art of stained glass
  • The art of enameling
  • The art of mosaic
  • The art of watercolor
  • The art of acrylics
  • The art of knitting
  • The art of sculpture
Oginga and Beyond Infinity Drummers

Oginga Khamisi and the Beyond Infinity Drummers

I thoroughly enjoy my life in 7 Arts these days, however one thing had to go – namely time and space to do my OWN art work. I realize this will have to wait till Jim and I clear out and clean up; paint and beautify Dick’s Workshop.

You can be sure I’ll have it all painted up in bright, fun colors, along with mobiles and other enticements to please the senses.

This will then become my personal Art Studio. My great helper, Blake, who fixes so many things for me around our house and garden, assures me he can help me set up running water, toilet and any other necessities for a self contained art studio.

I believe a slew of Magical Angels continue to surround us here at The Pines. Life will only get better and better!

Noreen and Beatles shirt
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