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II. Images of the Motif
Henry Reed

     The  dream  story  of  the origins of the Community
Dream   Journal,   and   how   it   got   its   birth—name,
Sundance, was  given  in  Part I:  "An Introduction." In
this  second  essay,  further imagery  of  the Sundance
motif   is   presented,   including   a  report   of  recent
findings  that  some  of  our  participating subscribers
have contributed.

     Recollecting what has gone before, we begin with the
existence of a Universal Idea concerning the mystery of
creation.  The idea can be expressed as,  "Out of the One
came  the  Many;  the  Many  are One. " The  idea  can be
expressed   more   personally:   We  are  each   a  unique
individual,  yet at the same time we  are One Being. This
perennial notion has been portrayed for us by one of our
participating subscribers,  Vyasa Dass, in his diagram of
the World Mandala.
     Next  we have my suggestion  that  this Universal Idea
has  associated  with  it  a  collection  of images having a
common  or  general form—the  Sundance motif.  In  the
first essay, I presented a number of these images, such as
the May Pole  and the Sun Dance,  and proposed  as their
general form the model of the gyroscope. Aspects of the
gyroscope  suggest analogies  to different  aspects of the


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