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Important Update
(The Past Life Therapy Training that was scheduled for October 2011 has been cancelled due to major health issues.)

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The Art of Listening

Script for Making Introductory Tapes for Past-Life Regression

An overview of the Bolduc Training Intensive

Self-Hypnosis - Your Adventure Into Relaxation

Past-Life Regression and Human Connectivity

Self Hypnosis for Holistic Healing

Increasing your income

Does an MBA guarantee success?

MBA Programs

Get exeperience with internships

Meditation in schools

Practical Career Enhancement

Debriefing a Past-Life Memory

Embracing the Past through Remembrance

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"Past-Life Regression Therapy: Reflections in the Face of Time"

Adventure Transforms

These articles are in Spanish

Sanando El Pasado Construyendo El Futuro

Patrones De Vida

Abrazando el Pasado a traves del Recuerdo

Entrenamiento Intensivo de Terapias de Vidas Pasadas

Hipnosis Holistica

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