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Two books, a DVD, a Dream Quest Mandala Medicine Bag, and Henry Reed on the phone helping you learn to get help from your dreams.

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"I consider Henry's approach to dreaming to be a wonderful blend of shaman ritual and sound science, and uniquely useful." Stephan A. Schwartz, editor of schwartzreport.net

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"Get Connected with Intuition"


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Henry's new book is a great read to keep in your office, or share with friends. Take a break from thinking about your personal finance and get in touch with your Intuitive Heart. Order your copy today at Amazon.com, or order directly from Henry for a special edition plus autograph.

The Intuitive Heart


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A 448 Page Anthology on 2012

332 Page Anthology on Remote Viewing

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** Henry Reed is perfectly positioned in front of Meryl Ann Butler's fiber art Vortices of Light: Spirit Descending into Matter, which is based upon a diagram by Herb Puryear who was interpreting one of Edgar Cayce's dream about the nature of mind and the relationship of spirit to the body.

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