An Osteopath Shares His Gifts

Osteopaths are medical doctors who favor muscle and bone manipulation over drug therapy. Dr. Andrew Still, an allopathic physician disenchanted with his fellow practitioners' reliance on drugs to cure disease, developed the practice of osteopathy. He recognized that many diseased patients showed distress in their muscular-skeletal systems. He believed that the body is really a system of interconnected 'bodies.' If one is out of sync, it can cause other systems to malfunction. Manipulations balance the systems and stimulate the body to heal itself. It is this holistic approach to health that distinguishes Osteopaths from allopathic medical doctors.

Osteopathy, energy fields and health is well represented Dr. Robert C. Fulford’s book, Touch of Life (Pocket Books). Osteopathic students are fully trained as medical doctors. They take an additional 400 hours in manipulation classes. This hands-on approach has allowed Dr. Fulford to discover decades-old injuries in patients who have all but forgotten them. "Touch is a marvelous and neglected gift," he says, for he can feel a single hair through 14 layers of paper. He believes this sensitivity is essential to insure that patients get maximum treatment and opportunity for healing. It isn't just prior breakages he senses. It is a lack of vital energy, which he calls the "life field, or life force."

What is the "life field?" He describes it as "a complex interflowing stream of moving energy." It is the body's invisible half, radiating outward from the head and shoulders and tapering close to the body around the lower limbs. It is the organizing pattern from which the body is molded. It provides maintenance and direction to the body's cells and systems. Internally, it is called the "life force." When injuries occur, the life field becomes blocked and responds with a depletion of energy to the body. Critical blockages result in pain, disease or total withdrawal of energy (death).

"As a person breathes, so is that person." Dr. Fulford states that proper breathing is our best opportunity to regulate and maximize the life force in the body. A fall at age three can prompt breathing problems years later. In fact, Dr. Fulford believes a baby's first breath can seriously affect later physical health. Breath is the connection between living physical beings and universal or spiritual energy. He teaches his patients to breathe deeply and fully, with loving intentions. "As we all breathe together, we become one in thought and being."

(Digest by VirDella Dinwiddie)