New Revelation Gives A Message of Hope

The end times are upon us. The Book of Revelations warns of travails of body and spirit and battles of light against darkness. Upon closer reading it reveals another choice. "And they were judged, every man according to his works.... And I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God... prepared as a bride adorned for her husband." This choice is the focus of the book The Revelation, A Message for the New Millennium (Nataraj Publishing). The author, Barbara Marx Hubbard, proposes that we can become co-creators with God and cancel the need for Armageddon.

When she was 37, Barbara had a vision of the planetary birth process. A voice directed her to share this story with the world. Barbara created the New Worlds Education Center. She hosted meetings with United Nations member countries, Congressmen and rival political factions to seek common ground. The voice, speaking with the authority of Christ, lauded her activities and guided her further development.

"Now is your moment of greatest faith.... Remember that you are an agent of the Creative Intention, experimenting for God. There is a design, but it is flexible." This design is to usher in the next phase of evolution. Homo Sapiens will become Homo Universalis who work with God directly and consciously to create a world free of want and waste. The new human will be as different from us as we are from our cave ancestors. A key difference is that we will not perceive ourselves as separate beings.

Jesus, according to the voice, came as a template of the universal human, to herald the new threshold of our evolution. Jesus assured us that we can do even "greater works." We have increased our scientific knowledge of the universe and understanding of cosmic oneness. Faith and knowledge have grown, although on seemingly separate paths. This growth was critical to our ability to become universal humans. Now, ecologically and socially, we are outgrowing the earth mother's womb.

The birth of this new child is imminent. How it comes is up to us. In the world of quantum physics, attention affects outcome. Reality is an interactive participatory process between the observer and the observed. The voice promises we will not be alone. If we express our desire to be co-creators and practice the seven spirits (Love, Wisdom, Faith, Courage, Patience, Power, and Surrender), our Will becomes one with God’s. "As you believe, so it shall be done unto you."

(Digest by VerDella Dinwiddie, Atlantic University.)