Ancient Egypt Wins Space Race

Universal myths suggest that our origins lie beyond the earth. The Iroquois, for example, believe that the peopling of the Earth began with the uprooting of the Tree of Life in heaven. A goddess fell through the hole to earth and founded the creation of humans.

In his book Star Maps (Jonathon-James Publishers), William Fix summons scientific research to support the mythic belief that we are extraterrestrial beings on a mission to reclaim our starry home.

The most remarkable compass toward the stars are the Egyptian Pyramids. They were aligned so that their major passages faced the circumpolar stars. Indeed, the Egyptians’ compulsive interest in the stars demonstrates an overwhelming confidence in other worldly life, and one not necessarily tied exclusively to the afterlife.

Once thought to be the burial site of Kings, the pyramids are actually initiation chambers for mystic travellers. The sarcophogas was not a coffin for the dead, but a chariot for the subtle body of the living. The walls of the Sarcophagus Chamber within a pyramid at Saqqara precisely record the out of body travels by Unas, a pharoah of Egypt’s Old Kingdom. The "texts of Unas" bear an uncanny resemblance to what we now know transpires in Near-Death experiences. Therein it is said that "Unas is he who went and came back."

The flights of Unas demonstrate a sophisticated parallel to our comprehension of spiritual consciousness. The Egyptians describe several types of etheral bodies that survive death, such as the ba, ka, sa, and khu, apparently explored by spiritual journeymen such as Unas. Their concept of soul or spirit body corresponds with our grasp of immortality as a function of the superconscious. Thus, their out-of-body space travels would later provide a map of consciousness for the deceased. Others could then prepare for the afterlife in much the same way followers heeded the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Like Unas, Edgar Cayce often ‘flew’ to remote sources of information throughout his clairvoyant career. More recently, in March 1974, psychic researchers Ingo Swann and Harold Sherman described the Southern Hemisphere of Mercury through remote viewing. Their ‘sightings’ were later confirmed by photographs from Mariner 10.

With the speed of thought we too have the ability to transport across cosmic distances. We may find that the star ships within us are more successful than our technological toys. On this frontier, we are surely destined to go where our ancestors have gone before.

(Digest by Clayton Montez, Atlantic University.)