Turning Point Dreams Can Be Miracles

It's always darkest just before dawn. The light of a new day may first appear in a miraculous dream. One night, during the bottoming-out phase of alcoholism, a dream of a heavenly dove bringing love into the heart of someone who felt hopeless initiated a way out of that endless spiral of defeat and a fresh beginning in life.

Many people have experienced dreams that came just in the nick of time. In his book, Dreams That Can Change Your Life (Tarcher), Alan Siegel, Ph.D. shows how at every crossroad and developmental stage in the life passage we can look for dreams to help guide the way. Sought and unsought, dreams revitalize our normal perspective on life and transform our relationship to the unseen powers or spirit.

The Virgin Mary was not the only one to be visited by an angel in a dream announcing a coming birth. Many women have special dreams during pregnancy. These dreams often give the expectant mothers clues as to their babyies' development. They sometimes even provide a channel of communication between the souls whom they will soon meet in the physical dimension. Dr. Siegel's work shows that fathers also have dreams during their mates' pregnancy. These dreams show that fathers are very much involved with the progress of the fetus. Their dreams express this involvement, reveal conflicts such as feeling unrecognized or left out of the pregnancy process. Many fathers are grateful for the miracle of these dreams, which often provide resolutions or guidance on these issues.

At the other end of the spectrum from birth and new beginnings, there are deaths--physical deaths as well as the loss of relationship, of job, of home. Dr. Siegel's dream collection shows that our dreams also help prepare us for such losses and aid us through the grieving process as well.

Career transitions have all the archetypal elements of any of life's major transformations, and these elements may appear in such dreams. Dreams can show the dissatisfaction with the current job even before the conscious mind has recognized any problem. They also reflect the reticence to leave the tried and true, the sense of adventure about exploring the new frontiers. An inspiring dream can give us the needed boost of confidence or point us in an unanticipated direction.

Recognizing the special role dreams play in helping us deal with life's passages, Dr. Siegel researched ways of taking advantage of the miraculous gifts these dreams offer. He suggests that it helps to have a positive attitude toward even the most fragmentary or trivial dream. Other aspects of his "Turning Point Dream Program" are to spend time at night writing in your journal about the issues facing you, and go to bed with the expectation of dreaming. It also helps to find some way of applying an insight from a dream, no matter how seemingly insignificant, knowing that a subsequent dream will respond to your application with an even clearer piece of guidance. Sometimes to get a miracle, you have to prepare the way with your own efforts.