Using Our Voices to Heal

There are many ways to heal using sound and vibration. A very convenient and powerful form of healing is our own voice. Ms. Joy Gardner-Gordon, in her book, The Healing Voice, (The Crossing Press, Freedom, CA,) suggests that we even use groaning as a healing response.

Vibrational healing has a long history. Numerous cultures have used repetitive singing and dancing to induce visions. In the circumcision ceremony of Australian Aborigines, the boys sing and dance until they go into trance where they feel no pain. Some tribal trance experiences resemble the speaking-in-tongues experiences of Pentecostal churches today. Oral history is not only the passing on of information through the repetitive chanting of sacred stories, but it also may induce trance in the listeners. This method is similar to India's chanting of sacred scripture and the oral tradition of Jewish scholars. Ms. Gardner-Gordon writes, "All of these rituals are true spiritual experiences in which the participants actually touch the spirit realms with the assistance of toning, chanting and singing."

Our Judeo-Christian heritage has often associated singing and dancing with "wild women." This has led to a rejection of many rituals including song and dance and has contributed to our separation from our bodies and sexuality. Song and movement seem to be a key for our rejoining with our bodies.

Other methods of healing are laughter and "toning." Toning is using the vibratory power of the voice to make a long, sustained tone using a vowel or consonant. These tones cause the body to vibrate. Improving one’s posture and learning better breathing patterns when toning increases the healing potential of the practice.

One form of healing while toning is the emotional release that occurs. Yelling and crying comes are everyday examples. The obvious, and contagious, emotional release of an opera singer is another example. Toning for vibrational harmony can be augmented by using color and crystals, to balance the chakras for example. Group toning is an excellent way to bring harmony into a collection of individuals.

Edgar Cayce once suggested that of all the physical activities that our body can perform, the voice is capable of raising our vibrations to their highest level. In this regard, Ms. Gardner-Gordon chimes in with chants from the Sufi, Native American, Shaker, Tibetan, Hindu, African American and Christian traditions. Her extensive reference section with recommended reading, cassette tapes and compact discs will help the reader make a joyous noise unto the Lord!

(Digest by Raye Mathis, Atlantic University.)