Miracles Means Transcending Limits

When there is personal awareness that limits can be transcended, miracles occur. So maintains Wayne Dyer in his book, Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life (Harper Colllins). To manifest miracles, you must prepare an inner path. This task involves adopting certain core beliefs, accepting oneself as a spiritual being, and developing a mind-set fertile enough for miracles to thrive.

The beliefs needed to be cultivated are basic. First, there exists a powerful life force. This life force is found in all creation, has intrinsic intelligence, and is endless. Secondly, thoughts can be controlled. Originators of every experience, thoughts can attract pleasant or painful circumstances. Realizing that choice is always available can direct thought toward more productive outcomes. Next, life is purposeful. If viewed from a broad perspective, all events have meaning. Aligning with the eternal and learning to love unconditionally are conducive to serving higher purpose. Finally, constrictive viewpoints can be overcome. Self - defeating patterns and notions of impossibilities, if sincerely recognized, may be left behind.

Appreciate your spiritual nature. A spiritually aware person acknowledges a world beyond that of the five senses, feels connected to all-that-is, understands personal power can exist without external force, and accepts that cause and effect is an incomplete explanation of reality. Furthermore, spiritual beings emphasize the values of ethics, serenity, meditation, intuition, and reverence.

Affirming intuitive insights reveals a dimension not attributable to the five senses. Noticing occasions of helping others and being helped is a reminder of interconnectness. Assisting others rather than controlling them enhances all-around internal power. Observing the dream state illustrates the absence of standard cause and effect. Simply practicing those values engenders a strong feeling of correctness and demonstrates their worth.

Constructing a miracle mind-set requires you to keep an open mind. Question self-perceived limits. Follow a hunch daily--without worrying about outcome. It's also beneficial to replace doubt and fear with trust in new encounters. Make spiritual choices rather than physical ones. Last, accept others exactly as they are. These may sound overwhelming at first, but just deciding to take them seriously starts the transition process.

Achieving miracles in relationships involves loving unconditionally. Surrender the need to be right, allow for privacy and space, and discard the desire to always understand. Prosperity miracles require your feeling personally worthy to receive and feeling happy that others have received. Miracles in restoring physical health can be enhanced by trust and affirmations. Slow down and listen to what the body is saying.

Clearly and above all, eliminating limited thinking can allow for the emergence of incredible joy and freedom. What could be more miraculous than that?

(Digest by Marcia Nolle, Atlantic University.)