Dreaming the Bombshell Apocalypse

If the atomic bomb had its birthday on July 15, 1945, what kind of personality might you expect to find in its horoscope? It is not surprising that one natal chart sketched a portrait that was predominantly "sociopathic": an individual who is "severely focused and utterly lost in the narcissistic willfulness of its own intent."

This fascination with the character make-up of the bomb is author Michael Ortiz Hill’s story on how he found a sacred path that we may follow. Having lived near Trinity, New Mexico where the bomb was tested, Hill acquired a fatalistic attitude about the future of the world. Later, Hill discovered the significance of his terrifying preoccupation with the bomb and delivers surprising news.

In his book, Dreaming the End of the World (Spring Publications), the apocalyptic imagery of the bomb metaphor creates an extraordinary world that is "just as real, but parallel to our daily preoccupations and activities." Essentially, we created the bomb, but it continues to rule our perceptions of ecological responsibility. Our appetite to save and destroy mirrors the sociopathic disposition of the bomb.

Hill claims that centuries of messianic hope and a longing for the golden age led to the "unconscious crafting" of the bomb. It was intended to amplify world peace. Yet zealous intentions became the beast that would sear our minds with the primitive will to destroy. The consequent notion that the bomb was a necessary evil to save lives merged Messiah and Beast together as one within the wilderness of the human psyche.

In order to navigate the undomesticated psyche, Hill examines dreams that focus on the schizoid nature of the bomb: "The Bomb displays with magnificence and horror the images of Messiah and Beast, and thereby places us collectively in a dream at the end of the world... it is in coming to terms with the reality of the Beast that our salvation depends."

In one dream the bomb speaks: "These are the questions I want to ask you -- and they require that you look hard into this mirror I provide and sustain the gaze: Why are you so hungry to destroy yourselves? Why would you poison and burn this planet? Why have you exiled all of your longings for ecstasy into the image of a mushroom cloud?"

"It is better to deliberately enter the apocalypse of the psyche for the sake of the world", Hill warns. "Otherwise, we will be compelled to literally live it out unconsciously to the bitter end."

(Digest by Clayton Montez, Atlantic University.)