The Sixth World Approaches

We are about to enter a new world. Numerous cultures believe we have already experienced four ages before this one, as evidenced by extreme earth changes and accompanying elevations in human consciousness. In his book, Mexico Mystique: The Coming Sixth World of Consciousness (Sage Books), Frank Waters places particular emphasis on the Mayan prediction of the end of the "Great Cycle" marking our transition from the this fifth into the sixth world.

Pre-Columbian myths still thrive in American Indian societies. Pueblos, Hopis, Navajos, and Zunis all tell stories of previous worlds. Many relate back to the ancient Nahuas' belief in the Fifth Sun, which unifies the four directional suns coming before it. It represents the movement occurring in man's heart that will reconcile existing opposites. The Mesoamerican myth of Quetzalcoatl, the god who helped create the Fifth Sun, expresses the universal theme of spirit incarnating into matter, followed by the slow transformation of matter through spirituality.

Devising a calendar more accurate than the Gregorian one, the Mayans combined math, astronomy, cosmology, and mythology to give their phenomenal calculations profound predictive implications. Their "Great Cycles," also called "Ages," contain distinct symbolism expressing the Mayas' belief that time exerts special influences on humanity. The Mayan fifth Great Cycle began on August 12, 3113 B.C. and corresponds to the astrological Age of Taurus. Nahua-Maya myth tells of a great catastrophe initiating this Great Cycle, as was presumed to be the case for the four previous worlds. Since each world has a duration of 5200 years, the projected date of December 24, 2011 A.D.- heralding the Age of Aquarius- may see similar upheaval.

Concluding the Great Cycle, we will have completed five 5200 year periods. This totals 26,000 years--similar to the 25,920 year span required for the tilt of the earth's axis to shift through a full circle.

We may never decipher all clues left by Mesoamerican cultures. However, the successive Ages and Worlds seem representative of more than just physical change. Psychological shifts also abound--in the forms of revolutions, values adjustments, and religious discontent. We have made the transition from relying on instinct to primarily utilizing reason. Intuition, which combines both the material and ethereal, is our best resource in our journey into the Sixth World. (Digest by Marcia Nolle, Atlantic University.)