An Astrologer's View of the Coming Millennium

Many people are making predictions regarding the new millennium and astrologers are no exception. Noel Tyl, in his book Predictions for a New Millennium (Llewellyn Publications) makes 58 dramatic predictions for the years 1996-2012. Tyl bases his predictions on astrological indicators and historical trends and cycles.

The "Astro-profile," according to Tyl, for the century ahead (drawn for 00:00 hours on January 1, 2000) "promises eruptive explosion out of frustration, along with international peace treaties being broken... the countries highlighted... are the United States, Israel, Iraq, and China." He suggests that unfinished business tends to cycle back at the close of a century. Old conflicts that countries have never completely settled may repeat themselves (for example, Iraq's revived animosities against Israel which date back to Nebuchadnezzar). He writes, "..the world is growing smaller...and meaner...with an explosion of ethnic political autonomy and...implosion of interdependency."

Using the astro-profiles of many countries, Tyl examines possible political, economic, religious and social changes around the world. Two interesting predictions concern the United Nations and the Vatican.

The "3 major birth defects" in the chart of the United Nations are:

  • it is unable to administer force
  • it is incapable of being fiscally healthy and clear in its financial records
  • it is unable to establish an informative and compelling public image

These birth defects cause the confusion and ineffectiveness of the U.N. The positive indications in the U.N.'s astro-profile suggest it would be more effective teaching the public about malnutrition, and encouraging the development of science and technology around the world.

The astro-profile of the Vatican shows a growing polarity in the Church. On the basis of the Pope's birth chart, Tyl believes the pope may not survive successive health crises in Jan., June, and Nov., 1997. He suggests a major event in church history may occur between Oct. 15 and Nov. 22 1997. The successor to John Paul II "may be taken out of office by premature death." There will then be "a final pope" and Tyl predicts the possible end of the Vatican between September, 2003 and April, 2004.

Two final predictions: Within the next 20 years there will be a world government run by a communications-trade center construct and we will make contact with intelligence from outer space.

(Digest by Raye C. Mathis, Atlantic University.)