Jesus Will Return with a New Era

The Edgar Cayce readings say that in the period 1958-1998 it will be proclaimed that "His light will be seen again in the clouds." Is this a reference to a literal Second Coming of Jesus? Author Kirk Nelson thinks so and says as much in his book, The Second Coming (Wright Publishing).

Both the Bible and the Edgar Cayce readings describe a literal physical return, according to Nelson. In one reading, for example, Cayce says that Jesus will return in "the body he occupied in Galilee."

The Bible concurs. In the book of Acts, for example, two angels appear after the Ascension, and tell the people gathered there that "this same Jesus shall return to you in exactly the same manner as he left."

There is some debate in New Age circles about whether the Second Coming refers to a physical return or an evolution of human consciousness to the Christ Consciousness. Both of these views are true, because, as Nelson explains, it is the raising of our consciousness that will attract Jesus back to earth, based upon the principle that "like attracts like."

Especially important is the "Olivet Discourse" in Matthew 24 of the Bible. This passage is considered important because it is where Jesus describes the events which will precede his return to earth and the "end of the age." The Book of Daniel is also implicated because Jesus refers to it as containing prophecies about His return. Nelson examines prophecies in the Edgar Cayce readings that refer to Daniel 11 and 12. According to Cayce, these prophecies will be fulfiled in our time. These prophecies describe a future invasion of Israel.

"Israel is due to withdraw from the West Bank in the summer of 1998," Nelson says, "and I think this movement could be a very dangerous time for them, especially considering the prophecies."

The correlation of predictions from Nostradamus, the Great Pyramid, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Hopi Indians supports Nelson’s hypothesis about the timing of the Second Coming. All these sources seem to suggest a final culmination of history at the end of this century. It seems significant that prophecies from many different cultures can arrive at the same conclusions from divergent backgrounds.

"We are on the verge," says Nelson, "of the greatest time in the history of humanity, a period of unprecedented scientific, economic, and spiritual achievement which will begin in 1998." When Jesus returns it will be the beginning of a 1,000 years of peace on the earth.