Clan Mothers Offer a Path of Peace

We sing about world peace and harmony, we talk about it, write speeches about it, and pray for it. Yet peace seems a far-off place. It will remain but a dream until humankind can find peace and harmony within.

Reaffirming our neglected feminine side has received increased attention as a path to peace. Recently a new approach to the feminine has come to light. In her new book, The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers: Your Sacred Path to Discovering the Gifts, Talents, and Abilities of the Feminine Through the Ancient Teachings of the Sisterhood (HarperSanFrancisco), Jamie Sams, the creator of the Medicine Cards, teaches men and women how to reawaken and heal the feminine principle from a Native American perspective.

Sams learned about the clan mothers and "woman medicine" from two Kiowa grandmothers. For eighteen years she experienced the particular energies and gifts of each clan mother while walking the path of transformation. The thirteen clan mothers represent physical embodiments of aspects of the Earth Mother and Grandmother Moon. They are connected to the thirteen moons of the calendar year. Each clan mother represents the particular energy of each month's moon. The thirteenth clan mother, who occurs once in a "blue moon" (the one month a year which has two full moons), is the realization of the lessons learned by the other twelve clan mothers.

"Talks with Relations," for example, is the mother of nature and the keeper of the natural rhythms. She teaches us how to understand the unspoken language of nature, how to honor the rhythms of all life and how to learn the truth.

"Looks Far Woman" is the mother of visions, dreams and psychic impresessions and the keeper of inner potential. She teaches us how to understand our visions and dreams, how to properly use our psychic abilities for humanity, and how to use our inner potential to become healed healers. She shows us how to see the truth.

"Setting Sun Woman" is the mother of the correct use of the will and the keeper of tomorrow's dreams and Mother Earth's resources. She teaches us how to preserve and use our natural resources and prepare for tomorrow by planning today. She also shows us how to use our wills and how to live the truth.

"Becomes Her Vision" is the mother of rites of passage into wholeness and the guardian of transformation and transmutation. She teachs us how to become our visions and own our wholeness, and how to honor the process that brought us through the changes by showing us the way to be the truth.

According to tradition, the clan mothers were created as the healing aspects of the Earth Mother and Grandmother Moon when the first world of love (during the Ice Age) was destroyed through greed and lust. Once they passed on the lessons they had learned, the clan mothers were called back to the spirit world and thirteen crystal skulls were left in the physical which carried all of their essences and teachings. We are now in the fourth world of separation. The goal of the sisterhood is to be the bridge between this world and the fifth world of peace and enlightenment.

We all can reconnect with these energies to heal the world and ourselves by finding within the traits of each clan mother and developing it.

"We can no longer separate the female and male principles within ourselves, because one without the other will leave us stranded on the shores of the future without the means to become our personal visions. Gathering the gifts of woman and bringing those gifts home to our hearts means acknowledging both sides of our nature and investing both sides with goodness."

Humankind is hungry for peace. The thirteen Clan Mothers provide a profound wisdom and an important guide to healing the feminine within and achieving wholeness.

(Digest by Karen Richards, Atlantic University.)