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 "Books in Brief"

Note: Many of these book digests were prepared for Edgar Cayce Foundation publications, to educate its members about relevant information. Many concepts were tied back to ideas Edgar Cayce presented.

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The Unconscious Christian: Images of God in Dreams
(Paulist Press)
James Hall

Dreams: A Godly Resource During Spiritual Crises   

The Voice of the Great Spirit: Prophecies of the Hopi Indians
Rudolf Kaiser

Hopi: The Purpose of Prophecy    

Intuition Workbook:
An Expert’s Guide to Unlocking the Wisdom of Your Subconscious Mind
(Prentice Hall)
Marcia Emery

Experienced Practitioners Provide New Insights on Intuition   

Written Paths to Healing: Education and Jungian Child Counseling
(Spring Publications).
John Allan and Judi Bertoia

Writing Out the Inside Helps Children   

Kali: The Black Goddess of Dakshineswar
(Nicholas Hays),
Elizabeth Harding

Kali: The Black Goddess   

The Hare Krishna Character Type: A Study of the Sensate Personality
(Edward Mellen Press)
Tommy H. Poling and J. Frank Kenney

New Study Profiles Hare Krishna Devote   

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
(New World Library)
Deepak Chopra

Laws of Success are Laws of Spirituality   

Where Miracles Happen: True Stories of Heavenly Encounters
(Ballantine Books)
Joan Wester Anderson

Stories of Miracles Abound   

Eros and Pathos, Shades of Love and Suffering
(Inner City Books)
Alto Carotenuto

Love Is a Journey in Personal Growth   

Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happinesss
Sharon Salzberg

Happiness is a Focused Heart   

In the Ever After
(Chiron Publications)
Allan Chinen, M.D

Fairy Tales Help Adults Grow   

Oneness: Great Principles Shared by All Religions
(Fawcett Columbine)

Oneness is the Greatest Principle   

Ordinary Magic: Everyday Life as Spiritual Path
John Welwood

Find Spirituality in Everyday Life   

God Plays Piano, Too: The Spiritual Lives of Disabled Children
Brett Webb-Mitchell

God Plays Piano, Too   

My Name Is Chellis and I’m in Recovery from Western Civilization
Chellis Glendinning

Ecological Recovery Lies in Praising Creation   

Bridging Science and Spirit:
Common Elements in David Bohm's Physics, the Perennial Philosophy, and Seth
(Living Lake Books)
Norman Friedman

New Unitive Paradigm Bridges Science and Religion   

Sophia: The Wisdom of God: An Outline of Sophiology
(Esalen Institute/Lindisfarne Press)
Sergei Bulgakov

Sophia: The Wisdom of God   

The Healing Path: A Soul Approach to Illness
Marc Barasch

The Healing Path is a Journey in Soul Growth   

Healing the Split, Madness or Transcendence?:
A New Understanding of the Crisis and Treatment of the Mentally Ill

(Jeremy P. Tarcher).
John E. Nelson

Healing the Split: A Textbook for Spiritual Psychiatry    

God's Laughter
Gerhard Staghun

Atom to Adam: A Modern Quest For Ancient Meaning   


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