Imagine Your Soul!

You are a soul. I didn't say, "You have a soul," like you had some kind of polished stone you carry in your pocket. No, I said you ARE a soul. Just look at yourself and you'll see what I mean.

All you see is your body? That's because you are looking with your eyes. The only part of your soul that you can see with your eyes is your body. How do I know that? A good question. William Blake, the mystic poet and artist said so. The mystic philosopher Edgar Cayce said it. Probably many other people, too discovered it. But that doesn't make it so. But imagine this:

The soul sees through the imagination! If you want to see the rest of you, besides the body, you have to look with your imagination. When you are looking with your imagination, you are looking with your soul! Imagine that! If you don't believe me, then just see for youself. Let your soul look at itself! All you have to do is to imagine it, imagine what your soul looks like.

What is soul? That's for you to see--imagine--for yourself. I don't want to influence you, but... but I can tell you what some people who have seen their souls have said:

A soul is more than a body

A soul doesn't die

A soul never forgets

A soul is aware of all of creation from the inside

A soul talks to God directly

No two souls are alike but all mirror each other

Using words to put us in touch with soul is not too easy. It's better to use the imagination. I asked a bunch of people--grownups, mostly-- to imagine their soul and to draw what they imagined. So we got some very interesting soul self-portraits.

Before you look at them, why don't you just take a moment to imagine your soul and make a drawing. It's not about art, being good at art, or being able to draw what you can imagine. It's about "drawing it out," letting your imagination guide your pencil and see what happens.

Then you can look at the other souls' portraits. Maybe you'll recognize in them something about your own soul.


Note: Images of Soul have not yet been posted to this web site. Why not draw a picture of your soul and mail it to Henry. If you do so before he posts the images, then you will receive a free copy of his Soul Images book.

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