Stage One:

Reviewing Personal Experience

Here is some of the wording of the assignment that was given to learners regarding their personal experiences:


Exceptional Human Experiences

Suggest Existence of Transpersonal Identity

Your assignment is to recollect some of your own personal experiences (from subtle feelings to visions), minor and major, that make you suspect that you have an identity that transcends your physical existence.

The "transpersonal" is not a religion, based upon dogma and belief, but is a system of thought and intuition based upon experience and experiment. Its experiential basis gives it a relationship to science, which was based upon "try it and see" and has only recently been corrupted to mean "materiality."

You are to learn that you can base your transpersonal studies upon experience, that it is just as scientific to discuss theories based upon inner experiences as it is to base one upon outer experiences.

By sharing your experiences with others, you will grow in confidence that you can make a systematic and worthwhile personal testimony, that your ideas have a foundation, that there are others who have similar ideas, and that many of these ideas have been submitted to scientific test, although science itself has had to become transformed in the process.


Richard Bull

Cherry Brown

Pam Geier

Carol Hibbert

Judy Jones

Chris Kell

Shelly Satonin