Stage Three:

Spirituality: Living 

Here is some of the wording of the assignment that was given to learners regarding living their personal vision:

How do You Live When You Identify Yourself as a Transpersonal Being?

The theme of your final assignment is to apply the model, or theory, or image, of your transpersonal identity that you developed in the previous exercise to your life. You had some special experiences that showed you were something "more" than a meatball robot. You developed a vision, or model of that transpersonal reality. Now, how does that affect how you live your life? Spirituality may be conceived as living your vision, acting in a manner that is consistent with and expressive of your image of yourself as a spiritual being.  

Science proceeds from experience to theory, then tests it out in application. So we are in the application part of our journey, where you test your model of yourself by trying to live it.

Here are some questions to think about as you prepare your statement:

As a transpersonal being, how to do you relate to other life forms?

What implications does your transpersonal identity have for morality or ethics?

Have you ever tested your model and had it disconfirmed? What then?


Cherry Brown

Judy Jones

Chris Kell

Shelly Satonin