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Heather was born in April 2004 - and yes, we celebrate her birthday every year - and she has matured into a fine doggy, as playful as a pup, gentle and generous (mostly) to her animal companions. Her favorite snack is dehydrated chicken strips - she can tell the difference between the store bought and those that Jim makes with his dehydrator (2 lbs at a time).

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Heather's first birthday

Heather's first birthday party celebrated with her twin sister, Sophie and brother Danny.


Donkey friends

Jim takes Heather on her favorite walk to visit her donkey friends, Larry, Curly and Mo!


Noreen and Heather

Noreen and Heather enjoying an outing.


Heather loves her swimming pool

Heather loves her swimming pool and cares not how her hair looks.

A clip job.

"Big Daddy" Dick gives Heather a clip job. Heather thinks, "Aw Geez, not this again!"


Noreen with the twins.

Noreen with the twins, Heather and Sophie, as youngsters ... not sure which is which!

Dick holds wee puppy Heather.

Dick holds wee puppy Heather on her first day with us.


Heather and her Mummy.

Heather and her Mummy at the groomers.

Even as a tiny puppy Heather is enticingly photogenic and always ready to pose for the camera.


Heather, the Water Dog, playing in and around the lake at the Cincinnati Nature Center on her first visit, back in August 2004.

Heather is a cuddly sweetheart at around 5 or 6 months of age.


Heather cozies up with her Mom, Fluffy on a Family Visit.

Heather in her shades, just looking cool…. And note that this is a double portrait with Dick reflected in her sunglasses.


Heather around age 5 posing for our Christmas card, snuggled between her favorite animal toy and her delicious doggie treats.

Heather, age 7, in a pensive portrait taken by Jim in January 2012..


Now here's a video I took a few years back of Dick giving Heather a little trim. She is so patient! This is 2006 and Heather is about 2 years old. I feel I must add, that despite Dick's best effort, I had to do some final tidying up of the areas that Dick's clippers missed.

You can also watch video clip of:

"Heather Plays Footbottle with Jim in 7 Arts Studio." Commentary by Noreen.

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