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I'm cooking eggs for two women friends and myself. The eggs are over-easy style. Taste great. Fresh!

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THOUGHTS: Reminds me of the BIG woman sunning topless at the poolside a couple of days ago here in Lanzarote. I couldn't resist sketching her. My fantasy is that she's an opera singer and plays the role of Brunhilda in Wagnerian opera.

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The Lizards are out sunning themselves as I pass them admiringly. They have THIRD EYE KNOWLEDGE. One of them startles me by jumping on my head with his tail laid across my nose. He says to me, "I'll walk with you to the rim of the Teide Volcano if you are brave."

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I take him on. As we approach the top, I hear an enormous deep roar and explosive flashes appear, spouting out in flaming fury from the Volcano. "Hang on to my tail," says Lizard, "we're going in." Down and down we go drenched in molten lava, encompassed by flames of fire. "I will protect you." says Lizard, as we enter the very bowels of the Earth, "but there is something I need from you ..."

Before he could say what, everything reverses and now I'm part of the molten lava that is eating it's way down the mountain, swallowing villages, trees, animals ... anything in it's path till finally spilling into the sea.

As the water puts out the fire in me, I feel myself floating on the tide to shore like a piece of driftwood. Before long I am circled by seven comical camels who keep nudging me with their noses to follow them. Jumping on one of them for a ride I say, "Let's go then." They are now in a row and I'm on the lead camel.

A cave opens up in front of us and we enter. What a wondrous place. A band of Lizards are playing pipes and penny whistles with some jazzy tunes like, 'When The Saints Come Marching In' ... and now the camels are dancing, their long legs swaying back and forth to the music as their humps bounce around.

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Singing, I join in the merriment. Wine is passed around, spirits are high indeed. Next, there is a crash of cymbals and a shooting star flies in the cave just as the great artist of Lanzarote, Cesar Manrique, blasts into the celebration.

"Hola," he shouts, "I have come back to tell you something." We all are quiet now, filled with great anticipation since we know Cesar has been dead for 4 years. He continues, "The Lizard and I are of the same knowing and it is a secret whose time has come to share with all of you. It is the secret the Volcano knows; the secret the wine knows; the secret the sea knows. FLOW ... that is the secret."

end of dream

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