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RECENT EVENTS: I had this dream on my third day in Magical Lanzarote -- an island full of 30 volcanoes, lizards, camels, caves, wine and surrounded by sea.


Having just experienced another magical week exploring with Robert Moss some of the vast possibilities that dreams offer, I am still flying high after doing Dream Theater (one of many approaches used this weekend to spark our dreaming soul. Everyone in the group, about 30 people I think, played a part in my dream -- including people, an ornamental table, dust, an ancient city, an old shoe, clouds, a left ear and much more. I delighted in casting the roles. What fun! What rich insights! I dreamt this dream while in France. It's titled, "Van Gogh and Nostradamus," and guess who I cast to play the latter? Of course, Robert himself ... and a splendid role he did play. Read on and I will share the actual dream with you ...
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Robert is one heck of a
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Dream: May 11, 2001 Van Gogh and Nostradamus
(In France)

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Van Gogh (this is a self-portrait by Van Gogh that I photographed at the Musee D'Orsey in Paris).
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Nostradamus (This is Nostradamus who was born in St. Remy in the 1500's)

Here in St. Remy de Provence there is an old dusky curio shop and I'm exploring in the back room where no one hardly ever goes. A beautiful, ornate antique table in the corner intrigues me. The top is covered in dust. Without thinking, I write with my finger in the dust the words, “Vincent Van Gogh" and “Nostradamus."

A little bell rings on the door of the curio shop as two men enter already talking together with animated voices and gestures. I recognize them -- Van Gogh and Nostradamus!
Nostradamus says to Vincent," You ride the waves of a turmoiled soul my friend, yet you will light the world of art for all time." Nostradamus leaves abruptly while I hear Van Gogh mumbling something about how he wants his old shoes back.

Nostradamus rushes back into the curio shop and whispers something, obviously important, into Vincent's left ear. I put my right ear against the top of the dusty table in the back room so I can hear their conversation ... Nostradamus is telling Vincent about the ancient 2000 year old buried Roman city right under the area where Van Gogh loves to walk -- about how it will soon be seen again but not in Van Gogh's lifetime. Yet to now be aware of the existence of this beautiful city is to be the inspiration behind Vincent's greatest works of art, yet to be painted in this area. Nostradamus walks out of the curio shop for the last time now, tipping his hat to Vincent.

“Come with me." Vincent motions that I follow him somewhere. I do, full of anticipation. He leads me to the place close to the ancient ruins buried beneath us (Glanum), to the place he will soon paint the olive trees, the mountains, the sky. By now I'm carrying some of his paints for him. He tells me how he circles around, hones in like a dog, to an area where a painting waits for him. “I walk long enough, then I know," he tells me.

So we do this circle walking for a while, mostly in silence. I notice the day -- slight wind, beautiful colors on the mountains, blue sky with magically-designed clouds dropped here and there. “Here is the place," says Van Gogh. He paints his painting.
(end of dream)


DREAM POEM: A Way of Creating by Robert Moss, June 23, 2001
Inspired by Noreen Wessling's dream of Provence

The buried city
bursts from the Earth
as Van Gogh sunflowers.
The stem sustains the fruit.
This is a way of magic:
to write names of power
in the dust of the old curiosity shop
and let them walk, ring doorbells
and instruct
that old souls inspire young souls,
across time.
This is a way of Begetting:
to turn in the circle of creation
to breathe clouds into the air,
colors into the fields,
and paint the sun into the sky.

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