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Actual Dream Card Entries from my Journal:

Almost every morning I ask my cards a question and usually receive good guidance for the day ahead. I keep a little journal, now bursting it's spiral seams with on-going dream card experiences. For example, here's an entry from 2-25-99, at a time when I was wondering if weight training was really good for me. (I was trying to find a way to squiggle out of it even though I knew better!)

Question: "Dear Dream Cards, tell me more about the benefits of making weight training a regular part of my life? Thanks"

Card Answer:Rainbow Light Dream offers "Higher Connection"
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Power is upon you. As sacrifice becomes joy, You know ecstasy

Notebook Comments: "Wow! Right on. Perfect! Just like my Karen Andes book ("Woman's Book of Strength") says ... my 'sacrifice' of time can now be seen as a means to higher connection with my own POWER (good weight-training word) Conclusion -- stick with your weight training, Noreen!"

This is an aside -- I asked my dream cards this morning, "Who wants to inspire me as I write my ASD article today? Thanks." And guess what, I chose the same Rainbow Light Dream card, offering me another inspiration from the same card. This happens a lot. Having received this card today, I settled at my computer to write this article with a feeling of being connected to my higher power. My 'sacrifice' today is staying inside to write instead of being outside biking and enjoying the beautiful sunny day, however, I'm on a roll here and feel very joyful about sharing my dream card story with you.

Another Example: 3-1-99 (my daughter, Diana, had been very sick at this time)

Question: "Dear cards, what more can I invoke on behalf of Diana's healing? Thanks"

Card Answer:
This time a card fell out during my shuffling, so I chose that one.

Face of Jesus offers "Divine Intervention"
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Image on the path, My Jesus asked to be sketched. Your divine Source speaks.

Notebook Comments: "Lordy! I can invoke no less than Jesus on Diana's behalf. Divine intervention is at hand. PS: I did so! Diana made a speedy recovery in 2 days."

Another Example: 9-22-98, (concerning teaching a new class)

Question: "What is the best approach with my new Tai Chi class starting today? Thanks."

Pig-Girlies A-Go-Go offer "Frivolity"
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Go-Go have some fun High-kicking throughout your day Laughing all the way

Notebook Comments:
"Today I start my new Tai Chi classes, so when I picked this card I had to laugh. Of all the 50 cards, Pig-Girlies is most like Tai Chi movements, in comic form, of course. I get the message -- the best way to approach my new students is with a light-touch, keep it fun. This is not the time to emphasize the intense discipline needed for this martial art." I followed the card's advice and the class went splendidly.

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