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How Dream Cards Can Help Understand Current Dreams:

Another way I use my dream cards is to actually have them help me understand a current dream more fully. Pretty nifty isn't it, to get an old dream to help with a new dream!! Here's what I mean ...

The Dream: 1-16-99, I had a powerful dream, Magical Night, which felt quite precognitive concerning the coming Millennium. I asked my cards for further insights into this wondrous dream and here's the card that literally fell into my lap as I shuffled.

Card Insight About Dream:

Moth and Feather offers "Transmutation"
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Huge changes coming soon Linked lightly to the Divine. Relax, change is good

Notebook Comments: "My card even has a 'dark night' background like my dream. Send this dream to Roberta for the next issue of Dream Network which will highlight precognitive dreams" (Update: I did so, and Roberta, the editor of Dream Network, tells me that this dream will be published, using a different tittle, under 'Dreaming Humanities Path' in the next issue, summer 1999)

Having this dream and the card's insights makes me feel quite relaxed about the coming Millennium changes, knowing that ultimately these changes will be good and not to worry.

YES/NO Questions Answered by Dream Cards:

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One other way I use my dream cards is to answer YES/NO questions. One of my cards is The Key card, which seems a natural choice for the job. Here's how I use it. First, I try to figure out the answer logically but if that just isn't working, I write down my question then shuffle the cards, focusing all the time on the question. Then I count the cards from the top until I reach The Key card. If I reach it on an odd number, the answer is NO. If I reach it on an even number, the answer if YES. This works like a charm and I'd estimate my hit rate is close to 90% based on the results over time.

Example: 9-21-98 (relating to the disappearance of our ginger cat, Tad)

Key Card Question: "Will Tad come back home today in good shape?"

This question was important since I was worried about Tad's unusual disappearance. My notes tell why ... "This is the day Tad jumped off the roof of my moving car (I didn't know he was there till he slid down my windshield!) then jumped off and ran into the woods near our house. I figured he was OK and I continued to drive on. Later that day, a neighbor phoned to report that she'd seen a ginger cat, like Tad, flying through the air after being struck by a hit and run driver. She never did see Tad land and assumed he was hurt and lost since I told her he hadn't come home. She apparently didn't realize that the driver of the car was me and I wasn't about to confess! However, she now had me worried since Tad was nowhere to be found. That's when I decided it was time for a YES/NO with the Key Card.

Key Card Answer: "YES" Phew! I stopped worrying right away. Tad returned home a few hours later, his usual chipper, rascal self, but he wasn't talking!

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