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Dream Cards Venture into the Community:

So you can see I have good times with my dream cards, however, they are now calling me to get them further out into the community. Writing my web page episodes each month for Dream Network's website is a step in this direction. So is the enthusiasm of Barb Turner, my friend and Tai Chi student who asked me to make her a whole set of my cards to use with her students in her teaching and counseling sessions. As I was making her card set, I asked my cards the following question.

Question: "Barb is commissioning me to make a set of my dream cards (that's you guys!) for her to use with her delinquent teen classes and her battered and suicidal women's groups. Wonderful! Which card best symbolizes the value, the offering, for the above community? Thanks"

Imagine the tingles up my spine as I chose this card at random...

Card Answer:Outstretched Hand offers "Service"
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The question is posed. "Whom do I serve with my gifts?" Whomever is here

Notebook Comments: "My God, this is so perfect -- brings tears to my eyes. Maybe my cards can be of service to others."

Update: May 29, 1999: This is a good time to talk about Barb Turner. I've just finished an article about her experiences with my dream cards going out into the community. To read this article (and others!) see Episode #8 on my website at Dream Network

Future Plans and Hopes:

My greatest wish for my cards is that they venture far and wide into the world, bringing to others a chuckle, a helpful insight, a good feeling and perhaps most of all, that they inspire others to make their own dream cards.


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