Noreen's 7 Art Studio

This is me with my very first drum ... made from that Grater's ice-cream container. And here's one of the Hopi Indian paintings I did in the hope of initiating myself into drumming. I think it worked! You can see how tranced out and happy drumming makes me.

My dear friend, Wilda Tanner gave this drum ... my very first!


Watch the video of:

Fula-Feti #3 We're actually getting close to performance speed for Fula-Feti on this little video from a few years back. (left to right) Tim, Noreen on 3 bottom drums, Sharma & Todd. Jim took the video (and adds comment at the end!).

Taking a break during a DRUMS FOR FUN evening with Cherry, Steve, Peter, George and me.

Getting ready for a summer DRUMS FOR FUN on the deck of 7 Arts Studio. The drums love to get out in the air and bask!

Oginga Drums

Oginga Khamisi has been our teacher for authentic African drumming for several years now! Thanks, Oginga!

Our smallest drummer
Little Soraya takes drumming seriously as she manipulates bells and sticks on the Sangba bottom drum. Jim took this picture with one of his 'toy' cameras.
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