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Favorite Links
Favorite Links

Roberta Ossana is the editor of DREAM NETWORK, my favorite dream journal. (not just because I'm a Contributing Editor!!) What a woman! I admire her so much for her passionate dedication to furthering the role of dreams as a means to enhance our lives. Treat yourself to a subscription today. I have a few articles archived there that you might enjoy.
Dream Network Journal

TOUCH DRAWING is an amazing creative process developed by Deborah Koff-Chapin, who is also the creator of the beautifully evocative, SOUL CARDS and SOUL CARDS 2. The process of Touch Drawing is so simple, yet it allows you to access images from your 'inner self. You have to try it to believe it -- and it's all done with a touch of your fingers.
Touch Drawing, Inc.

If you would enjoy expanding your dreaming adventures into, at times, hitherto uncharted areas, I highly recommend that you experience a workshop with Robert Moss ... or read one of his many books. He's a dream explorer par excellence. I just love doing "Dream Theater" at his workshops ... and wait till you hear him drum on his shaman drum. Awesome!
Robert Moss: The Way of the Dreamer

Henry has been aptly named, "The father of the dreamwork movement." How true! I met Henry scads of years ago at an Edgar Cayce, A.R.E. conference in Virginia Beach where he was leading dream workshops. He was teaching what I needed to hear and I've been lapping up his wisdom ever since. As dreamer, writer, artist, counselor, teacher, lover of goats and other critters, and all-round funny (and very wise) guy, he's hard to surpass.
Henry Reed: Creative Spirit Studios

My dear friend, Julie, is as wholesome as you can get! What a talented, multi-faceted person she is ... so if you wish to learn stress-management techniques to further harmonize and balance your life ... connect up with Julie. One of her great loves is teaching YOGA and her book, "Desktop Yoga" is such a hit, it's been published in other countries also. My copy sits right by my computer so I can exercise anytime. I just did the 'Seated Sun Salute' and now I'm all refreshed.
Julie T. Lusk: Wholesome Resources

Gary Vollbracht, Life Coach, Center Director: Tourmaline Life Center offers coaching counseling, consulting, support communities, workshops, talks, and networking to other helping resources. Clients consist of individuals, organizations, or groups. Tourmaline Life Center is often a starting point where clients can begin to sort out their lives and find the resources and support they need to lead more joy-filled, connected, empowered, and purposeful lives.
Tourmaline Life Center

Consultants: Anita Owens and Tom Shoemaker
As a Certified Classical Feng Shui practitioner, Certified Medical Intuitive, and Certified Iridology practitioner Anita brings a unique perspective to her practice through her years of extensive training, research and study under recognized Masters within a full range of disciplines. Anita is also a gifted clairvoyant, energy medium, and healer who has successfully assisted others in finding balance in their personal as well as business lives and spaces. Tom is a Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), specializing in Soul Retrieval and Past Life Regressions. Together Anita and Tom provide a total package of services to assist you.
A Balanced Life

Gary Matthews:
Ordained Transformational Counselor using Earth-based self-realization to heal body, mind and spirit. Bodywork and licensed massage. Shamanic techniques.
Shamanic Transformational Counseling is a way to heal and balance mind, body, emotions and spirit. Gary uses a process which contacts the client's 'inner Shaman' to go wherever we need to go and do whatever we need to do at the client's own pace with clear boundaries and a focus on love.
Shamanic Counseling for Transformation and Soul Healing

Barbara Pritchard is an Australian Registered Nurse, Midwife, Healing
Touch Practioner, Colour Therapist, Artist and Musician. She works from her studio in the Australian bushland. Barbara has facilitated Colour Therapy Workshops at Healing Conferences in Australia & the USA, presenting Rainbow Healing 1, 11 and 111, and conducting private healing consultations. Following enthusiastic response to her work, Barbara will be returning to the USA in 2005. In 2000 Barbara's story was written and published, with other selected Australians, in the book "Australians the People and their Stories" by Steve & Robyn Holland. Barbara works with her specially created hand-painted coloured silk healing scarves and drapes.
Colour Therapy Academy of Australia

Rainbow Eagle: Seventh Fire Peace Shield Teacher
Lectures, workshops, classes

Rainbow Eagle is an Okla-Choctaw American Indian. He is a Wisdom Keeper, honored with the responsibility of an Ancient Native American Peace Shield. Now that the Seventh Fire of the Anishinabe/Ojibwa traditions has been lit, he is responsible for teaching the traditions of the peace shield. At this time, all of the traditional wisdom and truths which he has been given are to be placed into this Peace Shield to increase its power and restore peace on our Mother Earth.

"Energy Portraits" by Leiah Bowden

Visionary Tools for Healing. Activate your awareness of your soul's authentic, multi-dimensional energy patterns. Listen to channelled songs and chants from your soul to your heart. Workshops and phone consultations available. Workshop Experience: Intuitive artist Leiah Bowden guides us in meditation and visualizations to fire the juices of our own creative processes. Fresh from an inner journey of discovery, we put pastel stick to paper and let our hands follow prompts from our deeply-seeing selves. Moments later, we see what our inner eye has guided our hand to create: an Energy Portrait depicting the flow and essence of our subject, be it ourselves, an inner guide, or another participant in the class. You may also commission Leiah to create an Energy Portrait for you,
complete with tape recording, songs & chants to enhance the experience.
Lifespeak Transformational Arts

Brenda Ferrimani's dream paintings have been seen on the cover of Dreamtime and Dream Network magazines, and the Rocky Mountain Dream Journal. View her artwork, consider her articles on dreams, and find out what's new "In the Studio" at this site.

Fine Art and Graphic Design

Janyt Piercy, award winning visual artist, has studied extensively in many genres of Fine Art, and currently works in acrylic and mixed media painting, collage, and altered books. She is an intuitive artist, working experimentally with texture and color. Janyt is also a *Touch Drawing workshop facilitator and a member of the Vancouver Island Healing Arts Network.

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