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     Nestled along the gorgeous Mediterranean coast in southern Italy, lies the enchanting town of Amalfi. Mind you, the drive down the immensely precarious mountain road to get there was pure hell. Heaven opened wide, however, when we settled in Amalfi for 5 glorious days.

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"AMALFI, ITALY" available in the following sizes:

Giclee Art Print (paper size) 12"x8-1/2" (image size) 11"x7"
Cost: $35.00
Giclee Art Print (paper size) 18"x12" (image size) 17"x10-3/4"
Cost: $65.00
Giclee Art Print (paper size) 24"x18" (image size) 23"x14-1/4"
Cost: $150.00
ProLux Photo (paper size) 11"x8-1/2"
Cost: $15.00

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Amalfi, Italy
"Amalfi, Italy"
Chinque Terre, Italy
"Chinque Terre, Italy"
New Orleans Healing Mask
"New Orleans
Healing Mask"
Monet's Garden
"Monet's Garden"
Gates of Fire
"Gates of Fire"
(by David)
(by David)



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