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     Chinque Terre means "5 towns or lands." These quaintly beautiful towns are dotted close together along the northern Italian Mediterranean coast. Lounging on the warm beach one day, colored pencils in hand, the whimsical kid in me came out to play in the creation of this drawing. It makes me smile every time I look upon it!

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"CHINQUE TERRE, ITALY" available in the following sizes:

Giclee Art Print (paper size) 12"x9-1/2" (image size) 11"x7-3/4"
Cost: $35.00
Giclee Art Print (paper size) 18"x12" (image size) 15"x10-1/2"
Cost: $65.00
Giclee Art Print (paper size) 24"x18" (image size) 23"x16"
Cost: $150.00
ProLux Photo (paper size) 11"x8-1/2"
Cost: $15.00

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Amalfi, Italy
"Amalfi, Italy"
Chinque Terre, Italy
"Chinque Terre, Italy"
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(by David)



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