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Now is the time for me to start "drumming up some business," so I invite you to view these offerings for sale. Here are some of my favorite Giclee Watercolor Art Prints inspired by recent pilgrimages to France, Italy and New Orleans. Our son, David, is also represented with two of his unique abstract paintings. This is just the beginning ... many more surprises coming soon, so check back often.

Noreen Drumming up Business
Noreen Drumming up Business


6 Art Prints shown below are Giclee on Fine Art paper, namely Arches watercolor paper, acid-free and archival quality. All prints are available in 4 sizes. ProLux Photo print is the smallest size and least expensive (not Giclee, but high quality photo).

Giclee is a remarkable process that allows one to reproduce Fine Art Prints from an original painting in such a manner that it is VERY difficult to tell the Art Print from the original. So it looks like you are buying an original, only at a fraction of the cost.

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Amalfi, Italy
"Amalfi, Italy"
Chinque Terre, Italy
"Chinque Terre, Italy"
New Orleans Healing Mask
"New Orleans
Healing Mask"
Monet's Garden
"Monet's Garden"
Gates of Fire
"Gates of Fire"
(by David)
(by David)

Art Prints: 6 prints available for now - shown below - more to come!

Prices for Art Prints (Giclee on Fine Art Paper - we use Arches watercolor paper, acid-free and archival quality):

All our Art Prints are available in the following sizes:

  •  Giclee Art Print (paper size) 12"x9" (click on image for print size)
    Cost: $35.00

  •  Giclee Art Print (paper size) 18"x12" (click on image for print size)
    Cost: $65.00

  •  Giclee Art Print (paper size) 24"x18" (click on image for print size)
    Cost: $150.00

  •  ProLux Photo (paper size) 11"x8-1/2"
    Cost: $15.00

Special offer: If you order NOW there is no fee for shipping and handling!


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