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New Orleans

While at Art School as a teenager, my love of New Orleans jazz sizzled it's way into my life. I've dreamt of going there ever since.
Decades later, my dream came true. My friend, Jim, and I arrived in the famed French Quarter just one year before the horrific devastation of Hurricane Katrina changed the face and feel of New Orleans, perhaps forever.
This is my tribute to the "Big Easy."

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Mardi Gras

Getting the feel of Mardi Gras
in October, 2004

Jackson Square

Musicians hanging out in Jackson Square. And what's up with the bass player all shrouded in white?

King Neptune

King Neptune, ruler of the seas. Where were you during Katrina?

Jackson Square

Jackson Square, the French Quarter's most famous park. A steady stream of colorful people amble around, including tourists, psychics, artists, musicians, mimes, food vendors and a few derelicts. Energy is high. It's not unusual to witness a brawl in progress and a number of cops in hot pursuit. A happening place!

Holocaust Memorial

A Jewish tribute to Holocaust victims, this marvelous sculpture reveals different symbols as you walk around it. Did this sculpture survive Katrina?

Marie Leveaux

Take a gander at the enigmatic Marie Leveaux, reputedly the most famous and powerful Voodoo Queen in the world ... and have a psychic reading while you're at it!


Many masks in a Voodoo store.


Noreen on a windy, wild, wet day in New Orleans. So much for the blue umbrella!


Jim doesn't have any better luck.

Preservation Hall

Preservation Hall: It's hot, sweaty and wonderful to finally experience this authentic New Orleans Jazz.


Expensive restaurant adorned with traditional hanging baskets. Quite lovely. We didn't eat here, but looked a lot, salivating!

Mansion House

Example of how the rich folk decorated their homes in the 1800's. This home is now a museum bordering Jackson Square.

Sketch by Jim of jazz musicians

Sketch by Jim of jazz musicians at Preservation Hall.

Noreen's little sketches

Noreen's little sketches of some of her New Orleans imaginings.

Voodoo Museum

These very old authentic drums in the Voodoo Museum really intrigue me. I managed to refrain myself from playing them ... more or less.

Bourbon Street

Just an average evening around Bourbon Street. I wonder if someone dressed up as "Death" bolsters sales at this pub. Probably!

Voodoo store

Voodoo stores abound in the French Quarter. I still can't figure out how so much "STUFF" can fit into these tiny stores. What fun for our eye-balls.

Rocking chair

This rocking chair got my attention.

Fairy Mime
Jackson Square has amazing mimes. Here's Noreen about ready to drop some coins in the black box ... which then activates graceful pirouettes from the pretty lady, who sprinkles me with fairy dust.

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