Juan Antonio Miranda Campo

Spiritual Peru Guide


Juan has been a tour guide since 1999. Juan specializes in guiding people who wish to learn more about the spiritual life of Peru. He knows all the sites that are off the beaten path.

Juan can request a Quechua shaman to join you, or your group, to teach about the ancient and current spiritual practices, and to conduct native ceremonies for you, including ayahuasca.

Juan can lead you to a unique and powerful experience in the jungle, or in the mountains. He can arrange for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, or traveling by cab or bus. He can guide you to the best of the mundane, such as shopping, to the extremes of our known world, such as UFOs.

Contact Juan by email: juandelcielo@yahoo.es, juandelcielo@latinmail.com

Phone: 0051-84-432568 or 0051-084-9943940

Address: Av. Velasco Astete-Santa Lucia C-4, Cusco, Peru


You may also contact Henry Reed (henry@henryreed.com) for recommandations requarding Juan.

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